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How to deactivate the Zoosk account 

How to deactivate the Zoosk account 

Zoosk was founded in the early year 2007, headquarters in Germany and Berlin. This company’s founder is Alex Mehr, and Shayan Zadeh, the recently appointed CEO of Zoosk, is Kelly Steckelberg. Zoosk online dating app discovered setting up thought to date the people online and find the loved one as a partner. The app is relatively easy to handle on smartphones and PC. Once you created your profile with the user details in it, you become the member of Zoosk.

Millions of members across the 80 countries are connected with Zoosk and linked with the partner as per choice in their city or state’s significant parameter.

How can you deactivate Zoosk Account – 

It is essential to know that Zoosk does not permit the members on its account to direct delete the account; deactivation is the prior stage to delete the account finally.

Once you have already made your mind leave the benefits of online dating app Zoosk, a deactivating account is the best option. Always remove the profile details and photos uploaded in your account once before stepping forward to deactivate the Zoosk membership.

Guidelines: – How to deactivate a Zoosk account – 

1) To halt the profile in your Zoosk account, at first open your app login to your Zoosk account.

2) On the first page of the app, find the Profile section displayed at the right top of the page.

3) After the click on profile, check out the option Account Settings, now hit the tab.

4) Option of Edit is available moving towards the next page; click on it.

5) A pop up appears showing Deactivate account at the bottom with trash bin icon, hit on the tab.

6) For the final confirmation from your side, again, a dialogue box opens to click on the Deactivate Zoosk Account.

7) Final approval of your on the deactivate account, convert your profile in the deactivation mode.

If the photos and information are still there on the profile, it is visible to other members contacted with you, but your access will be terminated to take the service of online dating on the app.


How to delete Zoosk Account on an app

How to delete Zoosk Account on an app – 

To date online with the person per your desire, Zoosk company launched an app that connects you with your match on an online web portal. It facilitates the conversation through the web browser or app. To find the perfect partner Zoosk facilitates the friendly steps to connect with the person of your choice.

Only you need to sign-up the account with necessary personal information required for the login credentials, uploading profile photos, personal details to make you highlight in the searching option, and other photos as well. The app helps in searching, chatting, and texting with the security and privacy norms.

How to Delete Zoosk Account on the app – 

If you are using the Zoosk dating app on the app and willing to delete your profile now, so you are at the right place to get detail about how to delete Zoosk Account on app

  1. To delete the account permanently on your app, at first to the Accounts setting of the Zoosk
  2. Now go to the three parallel lines on the top left corner of the home page.
  3. Now select the Settings option by click on the gear icon.
  4. Once you click on the settings, a drop-down menu with multiple options opens. Choose the Account option.
  5. Click on the icon of the pencil to edit the Account status.
  6. Now hit the tab Deactivate; once you click on the option again, the reconfirming tab asking you to deactivate the account.
  7. Again, click on the Deactivate option, and finally, the account deactivated until you don’t want to be active.

Cost of Zoosk on an app –

However, you can use the Zoosk app free of cost, but the free user is exempted from taking full benefit of the online dating app. As the user not paying the subscription amount of $12.49 costs one month and $29.99 cost for six months, they cannot message or have a conversation with the desired person on the app.


How to Delete Zoosk Account on iPhone

How to Delete Zoosk Account on iPhone 

Zoosk is an engaging online application launched to date online with the easy and friendly user feature. It connects the users through the website or app has a good conversation with each other through the searching via personal information mentioned in the profile section.

Photos, personal information of the user helps to get searched by someone founded attractive or better to take relation ahead. You can sign up the account free of cost as well as choosing the subscribed member option offers the number of extra features in comparison to non paid members.

However, the non paid member can also avail the services of receiving, sending messages along with viewing profiles of others.

How to Delete Zoosk Account on iPhone – 

If you are using the Zoosk dating app on iPhone and willing to delete your profile now, so you are at the right place to get detail about how to delete Zoosk Account on iPhone –

To delete the account permanently on your iPhone, at first to the Accounts setting of the Zoosk and then go to the Account Status option and hit the Edit option. Now you need to choose Deactivate tab from the opened pop up a dialogue box. Reconfirming notification again open in the box to take your confirmation on deactivation of your Zoosk account, click on the Deactivate Zoosk Account.

How can I cancel the subscription from my iPhone – 

In case you needed to cancel the subscription of the Zoosk account through your apple device follow the below instruction –

  1. Go to the settings, on your iPhone.
  2. Now find the App Store or iTunes in your device and open it.
  3. Once the App store application opens, type your Apple identityor email address.
  4. Now click to see your Apple id.
  5. After this, you will need to get down by scrolling and click on the subscription.
  6. Here you should find the Zoosk Subscription and then finally click on the Cancel subscription.
  7. Now click on the tab Confirm to give your absolute surety in the cancellation of subscription of Zoosk account on iphone.

How to cancel Zoosk account

How to cancel Zoosk account

You can easily cancel Zoosk account – an online dating account connecting person to find someone special for the life or a platform brings together the person of your choice. Using the Zoosk app for an extended period of too much addiction resulted in removing the account. You may also find it unwanted in the situation someone special already shaped in your life.

Many of the reasons can hook you to cancel Zoosk and get rid of from the world of dating app. Once the account deactivated cannot recover with the same login credentials. You will need to create a new profile with a unique username and password.

How to Cancel Zoosk Account –

You may find the various methods to cancel your account on Zoosk, some are mentioned below:

1) Deactivate the Zoosk Account – 

  • To deactivate the Zoosk account, at first, you should be logged in.
  • Deactivation of account will not remove your photos and other information on the profile to check by others, so better remove all the personal detail before the account deactivation.
  • Now go the Settings option, click on Account Settings. Once you checked in to the login section, click on the Deactivate option.
  • Reconfirmation required from your side, the new pop up open, again click on Deactivate option.
  • Now the account will cancel permanently.

2) Remove the Zoosk Account from Social Media

  • In the case, Zoosk account has attached with your social site as Facebook, disconnect the link from Facebook.
  • Go to the Facebook account.
  • Now click on the Settings option.
  • Once you hit on the settings option, a drop-down menu with the option Apps will appear. Click on it.
  • Here the icons of different apps connected with your social media account will appear. Choose the Zoosk icon.
  • Click on the cross icon of the app and remove the app permanently.

3) Ensure account deletion through the Zoosk email support – 

Zoosk does not allow you to delete the account direct. You can only have the option to deactivate the account manually and to delete the account, contact Zoosk through the email.

  • Before sending an email, ensure that you have already deactivated your account from your end.
  • Then go to the contact page of Zoosk, which is at the bottom of the Zoosk web portal.
  • Now click on ‘Contact us.’
  • Choose the link Email Zoosk Customer Support, directly enter the mail assuring that you have deactivated your account and do not wish to reactivate again.
  • Choose the subject as Technical Support or Billing.




How do I deactivate or remove my account from Zoosk

How do I deactivate or remove my account from Zoosk

Many online dating apps introducing with the technological era, connecting the two people at once place to talk, share and make relationship after the heart or mind connect. Zoosk dating app also featured with the same and allowed its holders to take the experience of finding loved one online. The most popular website has the record of more than 3 million visitors in a month, all over the world.

Zoosk allows you to log in after linking through the Facebook, Google+ or you can choose to download the Zoosk application from the google play or play store. Along with the various perks, Zoosk is available in 25 different languages such as – Spanish, French, Korean, English, Brazilian and many others, which allows the user to choose the language as per their convenient and native words.

Also, the Zoosk has allowed all the users to subscribe free into the account, with no membership cost. It facilitates creating your profile, searching for a match, finding online user, a viewer on your face, sending and receiving messages and uploading photos.

How do I deactivate or remove my account from Zoosk – 

While using the Zoosk online dating app, you may decide to leave the account once the excitement ended or being active on the app is not possible with the work schedule. In such case, deactivate or remove the account’ would be the best option. To know how do I deactivate or remove my account from Zoosk, read the detail instruction mentioned below –

  1. Once you decided to remove or deactivate Zoosk account, log in to your account.
  2. Go to the Settings option of the Zoosk account.
  3. Once you checked in to settings, choose the option Account Status.Under the account status, a dialogue box appeared suggesting you click on Deactivate option, hit on the tab.
  4. Again reconfirmation process confronts a new pop up to click Deactivate Zoosk account.

Once you confirmed the final deactivation, Zoosk account will remove and deactivate to use again, and you are no more accessible to take the benefits of connecting with others.


How to delete a Zoosk account 

How to delete a Zoosk account 

Zoosk is introducing an online dating application easy to run on mobile and desktop only after creating your profile by filling up questions asked to show up your identity to your match. Once you signed up to the Zoosk account, it accesses your social media account already running and sum ups the information into your newly created Zoosk account. Now millions of users across the 80 countries and different twenty-five languages have connected in the Zoosk account.

Online dating can end once you find the one as your lifetime partner or in the case time, giving on-site became boring due to other days today working schedule. Other many reasons can make the mind set up to delete a Zoosk account. 

However, Zoosk does not allow direct delete of an account; only the option available deactivate the Zoosk account. Suppose you don’t want it anymore to run or do not want to be in access of another party to check your profile even if you are not active on your account. Deactivation of history will not let the second party check you on the account and all the linked up social sites will automatically stop to share your photos or personal information. Once the deactivation process completes, you can send a message through the ‘contact us’ option to delete a Zoosk account permanently.


How to delete a Zoosk account – 

First Step to delete a Zoosk account:

1) To delete your Zoosk account, Login to your account

2) At the home page of the application, click on the Profile section from the top right corner of the page.

3) Once you click on the profile, a drop-down menu appears with the option Account Settings, click on it.

4) Now you will have to choose the Edit option beside the Account status.

5) In the Edit option, choose the Deactivate and click on it.

6) To retake your confirmation, a pop-up menu appears with the Deactivate Zoosk Account. Just select the tab, and the Zoosk account will get deactivated.


Second Step to delete a Zoosk account – 

Zoosk connects you with the social media platform, so if your profile has linked through the Facebook, follow the given below steps:

  1. 1. login to your Facebook account with the username and password.
  2. Go to the Settings option in your Facebook from the top right corner of the arrow icon.
  3. From the side menu list in the setting option, choose Apps.
  4. After selecting the apps, you will find the connected applications list with your Facebook account.
  5. Find the Zoosk application from the list and click on the cross icon to remove the Zoosk from the ‘account’.

Third Steps to delete a Zoosk account – Contact Zoosk 

  1. 1. On the Zoosk, go to the bottom of the page and then find the Contact Us 
  2. Now click on the link of Email Zoosk Customer Supportand fill the messages and request for the permanent delete of account with confirmation for the future that will not you will not activate again. Also, assure that the account has already deactivated.
  3. In the case, no reply received for the account deleted permanently or not call to the service provider of Zoosk. They will assist you to delete the history.





Pop up support number 

Pop up support number 

Pop-up support number In the computer, usually pop-up refers to two different types: a pop-up window and the other is a pop-up menu. The pop-up window can appear on the system any time related to any website, advertisement, news, or your account messages pop up, etc. The pop-ups on the windows originated through coding’ JavaScript,’ which is already available inside the HTML of the web page.

Most of the advertisements appeared in front of the windows. And some are hidden behind the window, and these hidden ads are also called pop-under ads.

Microsoft support pop up – 

Generally, the Microsoft Support pop up on your windows is fake, and also the same as the windows support pop scam’ we couldn’t activate windows, warning! Forty-one threads found or Microsoft security toll-free etc. 

Pop-up support number

Always ignore the Microsoft support pop up error, as it can be a trick to track you in the fake paying service and lets you in the counterfeit trap.

For the scam pop-ups on your window, Microsoft is not liable for this. It’s highly recommended to get the direct support from the Microsoft support team, where the virtual agent will assist you about the situation and how you can resolve this pop up scammer on your page.

Pop-up support number

Apple Support Pop-up number

When you found Apple support pop up on your Mac, it is a total scam message directly linked with the fake websites that trick to trap into connecting the scam pop up support number the number.

Apple support team aware you with tricks of getting rid of apple official support pop up on your windows, which will block these scams after finding such intrusive links connected with your operating system.

  1. If you are using, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, choose the settings option.
  2. Now click on the option
  3. Click the tap on of Block Pop-ups and Fraudulent website.

If you are using Mac, then you need to visit the Safari option and then Preferences. 


Tech Support Pop-up link –

In the case you are getting a scam pop up support number on your page, which is fake and going through the process or calling on their given number can lead you to fraudulent services. We assist you to kindly contact your Microsoft team or block the pop up from the setting options in your device.

Pop-up support number

You can find the scam tech support pop up link as – hxxps:// (better do not respond on it0.





how to stop chrome pop ups

How to stop chrome pop up

how to stop chrome pop ups

How to stop chrome pop up Software, designed to block the pop-ups on windows, which has forwarded through the websites opened by you, is a pop-up blocker. Relatively it also allows you to send the notifications on your page. These pop-ups can be in the form of ads, updates related to news offers, etc.

If the pop-ups providing the information according to your convenience, it’s best to keep it continue. But in the case you found the frequent pop up on your page just annoying in surfing the websites, then the question must be aroused in mind that how to block pop-ups on Google Chrome or any browser defaulted in your window.

How to Stop chrome pop-ups – 

Users of the Chrome browser are suggested to follow the steps given below. It will let you know how to turn off pop up blocker:-

  1. At first, open the chrome browser on your system.
  2. Once you open the browser, go to the Settings 
  3. In the settings, you should find the advanced option provided at the bottom of the page.
  4. After click on it, go to the Site Settings.
  5. In the site setting, find the Pop-ups & redirected option and click on it.
  6. You can see the switch off or on in the front of Blocked/Allowed (recommendation).
  7. Turn the switch block to disable pop-ups chrome.

Once you turn off the pop-up chrome, notifications related to any annoying message will permanently disable the pop-up.

How do I disable pop-up blockers chrome – 

If you are using an updated version of windows and want to disable pop up blocker chrome windows 10. You can easily disable the pop-up blocker by allowing the pop-up blocker to send a notification.

Go to the Settings option on your chrome> now choose the option Site settings (either going through advanced option or can type in the search box)> now click the Pop-ups & redirected> disable the pop-up blocker switch.

You can also choose the website or notification according to your choice by adding or blocking the particular site in the pop-up & redirected option. And this is all about how to allow pop-ups or how to turn off pop up blocker.


How to turn off pop up blocker chrome

How to turn off pop up blocker chrome

How to turn off pop up blocker chrome

Pop up blocker is a tool inside the chrome settings, which helps manage the pop-up windows on your browser. It might be useful for them who want to keep themselves updated with any information like advertisements, news updates, software updates, etc.. Still, at the same time, it is annoying, too, for the people found the notification irrelevant.

Turn on Pop up blocker in Chrome – 

In case you want to allow the pop-up blocker to send the notifications on your web page, you need to disable the pop-up blocker, which can get done in some easy steps. Follow the below-given instructions :-

  1. At first, go to the three dots (⁝) shown at the top right corner of your chrome page.
  2. After that, click on the option Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Now you have to find an advanced option, which is available at the bottom of the page.
  4. After click on the advanced option, see the Site settings
  5. After redirecting to site settings options, find pop-ups & redirected.
  6. Click on the switch to turn on pop up blocker in Chrome.

Disabling pop up blocker not working Chrome – 

Once you disable the notifications, blocked notifications get allowed, and they started appearing on your page. Any update you want to be related to software, advertisements, or any other will pop up on your window.

Sometimes you can also face the situation when you didn’t get all the notifications you wanted to see. In this case, you must check the option under pop-ups and redirect if you have not blocked the site, mainly by adding under block option.

Check it once, and if you have blocked the site essential to get notified about unblocking it. Once you follow the above-given instructions, sorting out with the issue becomes more accessible.



How to Fix Error Code 36 in Mac OS X Finder

How to Fix Error Code 36 in Mac OS X Finder


How to Fix Error Code 36 in Mac OS X Finder

How to Fix Error Code 36 in Mac OS X Finder

If you are the user of MacOS, then you get the many benefits by using it. MacOS allows its users to write and read the memory card of the camera to any networked windows devices or hardware. Sometimes, while copying the files, the MAC device shows the error code 36. The issue arises mostly for photographers in which they face the problem in the copy process, and it makes their work suffer.

Error code 36 could occur in any file. The error dialogue box representing ‘The finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “.DS_Store” can’t be read or written (Error code – 36).The “.DS_Store” – here dot-under scope are such files which have generated at the time of moving the files to FAT 16 or FAT 32 volumes, through the MacOS X’s HFS + filesystem.


Due to these files, which already keeps data like icon pictures and files, creates the problem in moving the files from hardware or windows device and pop up with Error code 36 opens.

For the Mac users, if you are looking for how to fix error code 36 in Mac OS X Finder, effortless drag and drop option has provided by the command-line tool. This tool is called dot_clearn, which you can find in the directory.


Steps to fix error code 36 in MacOS X finder – 

  • You require installing the terminal: Application and then go to Utilities.
  • Now mention dot_clean, just after this leave a single space.
  • After this, drag your memory card icon or flash drive into the terminal window.
  • Now the folder or path will get generate.
  • Hit the Enter. Make sure “._” file is mandatory to connect with its host files.
  • Once you went through the above steps, now you can try again to copy the files to memory card or flash drive.


From the instructions provided here, Mac user would not get in more trouble, and this straightforward step will help you to fix the error code 36 in MacOS X finder.