How to secure my Facebook account password

How to secure my Facebook account password

While using Facebook, it is essential to secure your account password as it can get misuse due to a minor mistake from the user end. Facebook password is easy to keep secure if you keep some crucial things in mind.

Avoid sharing your login password – 

  • Facebook account hackers can design fake websites that resemble Facebook and suggest you log in from the same using your email id and password, avoid sharing your login password with anyone.
  • You must always login from the URL of the Facebook website. Before entering your login information, check the url or directly type for the secure login.

Password Security

  • It is always safe to avoid using the same password anywhere else, also do not share your account password with the second person.
  • Always prefer to use words containing jumbling words in your password, as easy words are easy to access from any person.

Log out your account, in case of using from other’s device

Log out your account carefully if the device used is accessible easily from the second person. In case you forget to logout the account, follow the instruction given here –

  • Go to your security and Login setting.
  • Go to the option where you Logged In.
  • Now click on the See More to check the location you were logged in.
  • After this, click on the Log out. It will immediately log out from another device.

Recover Facebook account without password

  • If you forget the password, go to the Facebook login page and click on the Forgotten account.

How to secure my Facebook account password

  • Now you will be asked to fill your email address or phone number to search for your account. Fill your email address or phone number.

How to secure my Facebook account password

  • You will get three options to get the code to reset your password. Choose the option and click on continue.

How to secure my Facebook account password

  • Fill the code, and click on the continue tab.

How to secure my Facebook account password

  • Reset the password, and click on to log in with the new password..

 How to recover Pinterest deleted account

How to recover Pinterest deleted account

About Pinterest –

Pinterest is an American social network application that helps you find hobbies and inspiration according to your interest and craze. Ideas get generated in the form of a pin, which is looked and secured by the Pinterest users. These pins can also link with the website, which is why Pinterest is highly demanding in driving traffic and sales.

Recover deleted Pinterest user account – 

 In case you have deleted your account and looking to log in again with the same account. You must be able to access your email id linked with your Pinterest account. Without an email id, it is not possible to reaccess the account.

Recover deleted account with Email id and Password –

  1. You’ll need to go to
  2. Now you should enter your Email Id and password in the Login box. (In case, you don’t remember your password reset it easily)
  3. After entering the details, hit the Login.

Google recover deleted Pinterest account – 

With the help of Google, you can quickly recover your deleted account. To recover your account with the help of google, follow the given instruction given below.

  1. Visit
  2. Now click on the option Continue with Google
  3. Fill your email address and then click on Next.

Recover deleted account by Login with Facebook

 You can also Login with the help of your Facebook user id and password. To recover the account with the same, follow the given steps:

  1. At first, go to the
  2. Now go to the option Continue with Facebook
  3. You need to enter the Facebook account email and password in the given dialogue box.
  4. After that, click on the Continueand recover your account back.


How to recover deleted Pinterest photos – 

Many experienced users and official support through Pinterest recovery are looking to save the cached copy of Pinterest photos or videos on their hardware devices. It helps in increasing the opportunity to recover deleted Pinterest photos as well as videos.

If you want to recover the photos, you can take advantage of using software names as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Download the software and restore your Pinterest, cached images, and videos.

  1. At first, you need to Install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, select the device and drives you want to choose to recover the data.

 How to recover Pinterest deleted account

  1. Now Click on the Scan tab.
  2. Choose the photos you decided to recover.

  1. Finally, click on Recover, and save the pictures in another device.

How to recover Pinterest deleted account

User can easily upload the recovered photos back to their Pinterest account after saving into the device.




How to recover Instagram deleted account

How to recover Instagram deleted account

How to recover deleted Instagram account Instagram is a simplified version of Facebook, easy to use, and explore. It facilitates the visual sharing of activities, unlike Facebook, where you can upload text caption too. It also connects you with the users of Instagram and other personalities you want to follow and get followed by them. You can share your photos, videos and exchange the conversation through direct message, etc.

How to recover deleted Instagram account

In case your account has removed by you or someone deleted your Instagram account, you are expecting to reopen the same account. Here are the following steps you need to follow to restore your deleted Instagram account.

  1. At first, open the Login page on Instagram.
  2. Mention your previous username of Instagram and click on “Get help signing in.”
  3. Now you have to click on “need more help,” and you will redirect to the next page.
  4. You need to fill your email address used at the time of sign up.
  5. In a further step, you will ask to choose whether the account deleted was a personal account, company account, or brand account.
  6. After this, you must click on “my account was hacked” and then click on Request Support.
  7. Just after the above process, you will get the mail of verification in your given email id. Go to the link and fill the verification detail related to your Instagram account details.
  8. Keep in mind that you must have at least one picture of yours in your account, which will identify you. It is mandatory from the Instagram help center as it helps to recognize the user with the account deleted.

There is always a difference between a disabled account and a deleted account. Once the account disabled, can recover quickly by filling up your old username and password; you have to follow the above-given steps to get your account back in case of a deleted account.

How to reset instagram password without email

  • Go to the Login Page of your Instagram account.
  • Click on Forgot Password. In case of reset password without email, choose to send an SMS.
  • Now enter your mobile number to receive the link.
  • Click on the password reset link, copy the link and open it in the browser.

You will need to reset the New Password. After confirmation, you will be able to log in to your Instagram account again.

 How to contact Facebook help support

How to recover deleted Facebook Account

How to recover deleted Facebook Account

Facebook is a social networking site, with the motive of connecting the number of people on one platform like friends, families, and other people using the facebook account worldwide. In recent times, it is most likely to involve children, adults, and even old age people to spend their free time on Facebook. Due to quite addictive features or personal reasons, sometimes people delete their accounts for a little time.  In case you have deleted your account and wish to recover it in the future, here are the detailed guidelines to quickly retrieve a deleted Facebook account.

How to recover deleted Facebook Account

How Can I recover my old Facebook Account –

 You can easily start your deleted facebook account from the following guidance mentioned below –

  1. At first, you should go to the official website of Facebook –

How to recover deleted Facebook Account

  1. Now you are suggested to enter your old email address/phone number and password in the given box login box.

How to recover deleted Facebook Account

  1. After filling up the id & password, you must click on the login button and sign in to your deleted account.

Once you click on the login, your Facebook account will get restore quickly to access as before. But in case the account is deleted completely, you cannot fix it ever. In such cases, you can create a new account to take the benefits of Facebook.


How to find deleted Facebook message history

It is essential to know for the Facebook user that you cannot restore the messages or conversation history deleted from your Facebook messenger. Once a message is deleted, it removes permanently from your inbox. In case you need it, keep in mind that the notice deleted from your messenger couldn’t delete from your friend’s message box.

You can save your messages as archived before deleting it permanently to restore in the future quickly.

 How to download video from Facebook

 How to download video from Facebook

How to download video from Facebook

Facebook videos are easy to watch by the user by saving it to watch later or downloading the same on your computer on your mobile phone. In case you found a video interesting to watch and want to see it later, or any video you are willing to share with your companions, download the Facebook videos from your newsfeed in some simple steps on your PC and Mobile app.

How to Download Facebook videos on PC

This suggestion to download Facebook videos is applicable only on, not for the app. Follow the given instructions of, how to save or download the videos to the computer: –

  • You have to open the Facebook on browser at first –
  • Then, search the video you want to download in your device and click the right button. 

How to download video from Facebook

  • Go to the option Show Video URL.

How to Copy a video from Facebook 

  • From the opened menu, Copy the link of the URL.

How to download video from Facebook

  • Paste the link in the new tab of windows and replace the www with mbasic.


How to download video from Facebook

Replace with:

How to download video from Facebook

  • Click Enter on your keyboard, here the video will get open with no ‘comment and like’ options showing below it.
  • Now take the cursor on the video box, right-click on it, and hit Open link in new tab.

How to download video from Facebook

How to save Facebook videos to computer – 

  • Click on Save Video as from the menu and save the video as per your choice name.
  • Video is ready to watch in your saved document offline.

How to download video from Facebook

FB Video Downloader 

With time, various apps have developed to download Facebook videos very easily and quickly. With this help of a Facebook video downloader, you can easily copy the url of the video from your newsfeed and paste it in the application URL box. After this, you can easily download the video and save it on your computer.


Facebook video downloader high quality

You can download the video and save it by choosing the video quality/ resolution. You paste the URL of the video and paste the link in the Facebook Video URL input box, and after that, go to the download and choose the quality of video from low to high quality.

How to fix Facebook images not loading

How to fix Facebook images not loading

How to fix Facebook images not loading

Facebook Images not loading – 

How to fix Facebook images not loading Facebook users often faced the issue of not loading images on thier Facebook account. There can be several reasons for this issue and also various solutions at the same time. So in case you are also facing the same issue, please go through the solutions described below. Check the issue arose due to which reason, until you get rid of your problem.

How to fix Facebook images not loading

  1. You must check your Internet Connection:
  • Open your browser, search Internet Speed Test, and click Enter.
  • You’ll need to click Run Speed Test. After the test completed in a few seconds, you will get to know your internet speed.


In case you found the internet speed poor, better switch to another connection and proceed again to download the images on your Facebook.

  1. Check the browser is updated or outdated, if facebook images not loading in Chrome
  • At first, go to the Google Chrome and click on three dots on the page’s top right corner.
  • Go to Setting> click on About Chrome.
  • The updating process will get started automatically in case of an update required.

How to fix Facebook images not loading

Also, disable the adblocker in your setting option of browser and again start loading facebook images.


  1. DNS Setting Configuration 
  • Open the Run dialog box by Windows + R option. Enter the control panel and hit Enter.

How to fix Facebook images not loading


  • Click on Network and Internet.

How to fix Facebook images not loading

  • Now choose the option Network and Sharing Center.

How to fix Facebook images not loading

  • Choose the connection connected on your PC
  • Hit the tab Properties >select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4).

How to fix Facebook images not loading


  • Choose the option use the following DNS server addresses:

How to fix Facebook images not loading

  • Click OK and then restart your device for better performance.


 Facebook images not loading Microsoft edge –

In case you are facing issues in loading images on Microsoft edge or any other functional problems, it can be due to a problem with the data of stored browser on your PC. By removing the mass temporary and useless data, you can quickly sort out the issue.

  • Go to Microsoft Edge > Click on three dots of Setting and more.
  • Hit the Setting option >now choose the option Profiles.
  • Click on Sync and Turn off sync.
  • Now you need to click on Privacy and Services (in Clear browsing data).
  • Go to the Time range menu and then choose the ‘All time’ option.
  • Choose the items you need to clear and then click the Clear now tab.

After completing the whole steps, confirm if the issue is resolved or not by loading a different website. And once the issue has resolved, don’tdon’t forget to turn on the data syncing again by going to Setting>Profiles>Sync.



How to delete a Facebook page

How to delete a Facebook page

Facebook is a platform to bring friends in one place from surrounding the world. It is popular with its feature to share photos, videos, messages, promote businesses, and help people boost their skills, etc. Inspite of all these, sometimes you want to delete your profile as you found it more addictive or spent lots of time and now want to get out of it.

How to delete a Facebook page

At the point you decided to come out from Facebook and want to delete your Facebook page, it is essential to know that the account deactivation and delete both are not the same. Once you deleted your Facebook page, there is no way to come back.


How to delete an old Facebook page – 

To delete your old Facebook page, follow the easy steps and get rid off from your page –

  1. On the first page of Facebook, go to the small arrow icon at the top right corner.
  2. Choose Setting & Privacy and then hit on the Settings.

  How to delete a Facebook pageHow to delete a Facebook page

  1. Click Your Facebook Information shown in the left column.                                                                                                                                                                           How to delete a Facebook page
  2. Now choose Deactivation and Deletion.Select Permanently Delete Account, and then select Continue to Account Deletion.

  How to delete a Facebook page

  1. Select Delete Account, mention your password, and click

In case after deleting your account, you had changed your mind before 30 days since you initiated the deletion, the option to cancel the deletion is available. After passing 30 days, your Facebook account will be permanently gone.


Delete Facebook instantly –

Facebook provides you with a setting to remove your Facebook account immediately. In case you want to disable and disappear your page from others and willing to get rid of your Facebook without spending time, you can choose the delete option from the above-given process.


How to Delete Second account of Facebook – 

  1. Login to Facebook profile you want to delete.
  2. Click Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. At the bottom, click Deactivate Account.
  4. Mention the reason to leave your Facebook in the box appeared.
  5. Enter security check and click Continue.


Delete Facebook page inbox – 

To delete all Facebook messages, you need to add Google chrome extension, Facebook – Delete All Messages. It deletes your entire messages in the inbox within a few steps.

  1. After adding the above-said extension, you will get a link above your inbox with few instructions.
  2. In case you want to keep some messages in your inbox, archive them.
  3. To archive, click on the particular message, go to settings gear, and select archive the messages.
  4. After archiving messages, go to begin deletion.
  5. Your Facebook inbox will be cleared now.
 How to contact Facebook help support

 How to contact Facebook help support

How to contact Facebook help support

Facebook facilitates its users to get help and support in troubleshooting the account issues. A day’s user has no facility to contact via email or telephone number to call customer service. You can follow the help & support resource built on Facebook.

How to contact Facebook help support

24 hr facebook customer service –

 You can easily avail the help from Facebook customer service center 24×7 by following some easy steps mentioned here:

  • At first, log in to your Facebook account
  • Go to the Facebook Help Center by hitting on the icon of the triangle on the top right corner of the webpage.

How to contact Facebook help support


  • Now choose Help & Support and step in to Help Centre. Here you can choose the question as per your query and will get detailed instructions to follow to resolve your issues.
  • In case of help regarding community, go to Help Community
  • Click on the link according to your query and follow the instruction explained in easy steps.


How to contact Facebook help support

  • To check the response of your query, go to the Support Inbox.
  • All important messages, updates, and reply from the help team is in the inbox.



    • Under the Help & support option, you can also give feedback or report a problem by writing it under the details box and attaching the screenshot or video files to explain your feedback with proof.
  • How to contact Facebook help support


How to contact Facebook help support

Facebook phone number to call for problems

The Facebook customer support number is  You must put the US’s international calling code in case you are a resident of outside the United States.


Contact Facebook support chat 

To benefit from Facebook support chat, you must have Facebook ads account on In case of any business-related issues, you can easily communicate through chat with the customer support executive by the below steps:


How to contact Facebook help support

  • In case you still need help, scroll down the page and click on chat to direct chat with the customer support service.

How to contact Facebook help support