How to temporarily disable Avast

How to temporarily disable Avast

Avast Antivirus – An overview

Avast Antivirus is an internet security application launched by Avast for the different versions of iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. Avast is the most famous developer of antivirus, containing a massive market of shares in antivirus applications. The Avast antivirus is chargeable and freeware version with the motive to provide secures browser, computer security, anit-phishing, anti-spam, and firewall services.

Temporarily disable Avast free antivirus – 

Antivirus software sometimes disables installing critical applications, videos, or drivers, as they might not access it. In such a case, you can temporarily disable your antivirus software. You can follow the below steps to turn avast off temporarily. How to temporarily disable Avast

1) First of all, you must go to the triangle arrow (the triangle pointing upper side) on the windows’ taskbar and open the notification. Click the right tab of your Avast antivirus symbol.

2) Choose Avast shields control; a drop-down menu will get appear. Select the disable period as per your convenience.

How to temporarily disable Avast

3) As you will choose the period option, you will be redirected to the pop dialogue box for your confirmation to turn off a key Avast module (All shields). Click on Yes, and here your software turned off temporarily.

How to temporarily disable Avast


How to disable antivirus Windows 10 – How to temporarily disable Avast

To disable antivirus in windows 10, follow these easy steps. Also, keep remembering, turning off antivirus protection may be a cause of threats.

1) Go to the Start of your PC windows.

2) Choose the Setting option, click on Update & Security.

3) Click on Windows Security, and then go for the Virus & threat protection.

4) Here you need to Manage Settings. In the case of the previous version of Windows 10, you need to go for the Virus & threat protection settings.

5) Finally, off the switch to Real-time protection.


Completely remove avast from windows 10

To remove the avast antivirus software entirely from your device, go to the Start menu> select Settings > choose System > tap the Apps & Features > Click on Uninstall of Avast Internet Security.

How to temporarily disable Avast

Your software has been uninstalled completely from your PC.