How to cancel Zoosk account

How to cancel Zoosk account

How to cancel Zoosk account

You can easily cancel Zoosk account – an online dating account connecting person to find someone special for the life or a platform brings together the person of your choice. Using the Zoosk app for an extended period of too much addiction resulted in removing the account. You may also find it unwanted in the situation someone special already shaped in your life.

Many of the reasons can hook you to cancel Zoosk and get rid of from the world of dating app. Once the account deactivated cannot recover with the same login credentials. You will need to create a new profile with a unique username and password.

How to Cancel Zoosk Account –

You may find the various methods to cancel your account on Zoosk, some are mentioned below:

1) Deactivate the Zoosk Account – 

  • To deactivate the Zoosk account, at first, you should be logged in.
  • Deactivation of account will not remove your photos and other information on the profile to check by others, so better remove all the personal detail before the account deactivation.
  • Now go the Settings option, click on Account Settings. Once you checked in to the login section, click on the Deactivate option.
  • Reconfirmation required from your side, the new pop up open, again click on Deactivate option.
  • Now the account will cancel permanently.

2) Remove the Zoosk Account from Social Media

  • In the case, Zoosk account has attached with your social site as Facebook, disconnect the link from Facebook.
  • Go to the Facebook account.
  • Now click on the Settings option.
  • Once you hit on the settings option, a drop-down menu with the option Apps will appear. Click on it.
  • Here the icons of different apps connected with your social media account will appear. Choose the Zoosk icon.
  • Click on the cross icon of the app and remove the app permanently.

3) Ensure account deletion through the Zoosk email support – 

Zoosk does not allow you to delete the account direct. You can only have the option to deactivate the account manually and to delete the account, contact Zoosk through the email.

  • Before sending an email, ensure that you have already deactivated your account from your end.
  • Then go to the contact page of Zoosk, which is at the bottom of the Zoosk web portal.
  • Now click on ‘Contact us.’
  • Choose the link Email Zoosk Customer Support, directly enter the mail assuring that you have deactivated your account and do not wish to reactivate again.
  • Choose the subject as Technical Support or Billing.



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