How to deactivate the Zoosk account 

How to deactivate the Zoosk account 

How to deactivate the Zoosk account 

Zoosk was founded in the early year 2007, headquarters in Germany and Berlin. This company’s founder is Alex Mehr, and Shayan Zadeh, the recently appointed CEO of Zoosk, is Kelly Steckelberg. Zoosk online dating app discovered setting up thought to date the people online and find the loved one as a partner. The app is relatively easy to handle on smartphones and PC. Once you created your profile with the user details in it, you become the member of Zoosk.

Millions of members across the 80 countries are connected with Zoosk and linked with the partner as per choice in their city or state’s significant parameter.

How can you deactivate Zoosk Account – 

It is essential to know that Zoosk does not permit the members on its account to direct delete the account; deactivation is the prior stage to delete the account finally.

Once you have already made your mind leave the benefits of online dating app Zoosk, a deactivating account is the best option. Always remove the profile details and photos uploaded in your account once before stepping forward to deactivate the Zoosk membership.

Guidelines: – How to deactivate a Zoosk account – 

1) To halt the profile in your Zoosk account, at first open your app login to your Zoosk account.

2) On the first page of the app, find the Profile section displayed at the right top of the page.

3) After the click on profile, check out the option Account Settings, now hit the tab.

4) Option of Edit is available moving towards the next page; click on it.

5) A pop up appears showing Deactivate account at the bottom with trash bin icon, hit on the tab.

6) For the final confirmation from your side, again, a dialogue box opens to click on the Deactivate Zoosk Account.

7) Final approval of your on the deactivate account, convert your profile in the deactivation mode.

If the photos and information are still there on the profile, it is visible to other members contacted with you, but your access will be terminated to take the service of online dating on the app.

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