How to delete a Zoosk account 

How to delete a Zoosk account 

How to delete a Zoosk account 

Zoosk is introducing an online dating application easy to run on mobile and desktop only after creating your profile by filling up questions asked to show up your identity to your match. Once you signed up to the Zoosk account, it accesses your social media account already running and sum ups the information into your newly created Zoosk account. Now millions of users across the 80 countries and different twenty-five languages have connected in the Zoosk account.

Online dating can end once you find the one as your lifetime partner or in the case time, giving on-site became boring due to other days today working schedule. Other many reasons can make the mind set up to delete a Zoosk account. 

However, Zoosk does not allow direct delete of an account; only the option available deactivate the Zoosk account. Suppose you don’t want it anymore to run or do not want to be in access of another party to check your profile even if you are not active on your account. Deactivation of history will not let the second party check you on the account and all the linked up social sites will automatically stop to share your photos or personal information. Once the deactivation process completes, you can send a message through the ‘contact us’ option to delete a Zoosk account permanently.


How to delete a Zoosk account – 

First Step to delete a Zoosk account:

1) To delete your Zoosk account, Login to your account

2) At the home page of the application, click on the Profile section from the top right corner of the page.

3) Once you click on the profile, a drop-down menu appears with the option Account Settings, click on it.

4) Now you will have to choose the Edit option beside the Account status.

5) In the Edit option, choose the Deactivate and click on it.

6) To retake your confirmation, a pop-up menu appears with the Deactivate Zoosk Account. Just select the tab, and the Zoosk account will get deactivated.


Second Step to delete a Zoosk account – 

Zoosk connects you with the social media platform, so if your profile has linked through the Facebook, follow the given below steps:

  1. 1. login to your Facebook account with the username and password.
  2. Go to the Settings option in your Facebook from the top right corner of the arrow icon.
  3. From the side menu list in the setting option, choose Apps.
  4. After selecting the apps, you will find the connected applications list with your Facebook account.
  5. Find the Zoosk application from the list and click on the cross icon to remove the Zoosk from the ‘account’.

Third Steps to delete a Zoosk account – Contact Zoosk 

  1. 1. On the Zoosk, go to the bottom of the page and then find the Contact Us 
  2. Now click on the link of Email Zoosk Customer Supportand fill the messages and request for the permanent delete of account with confirmation for the future that will not you will not activate again. Also, assure that the account has already deactivated.
  3. In the case, no reply received for the account deleted permanently or not call to the service provider of Zoosk. They will assist you to delete the history.




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