How to delete Zoosk Account on an app

How to delete Zoosk Account on an app

How to delete Zoosk Account on an app – 

To date online with the person per your desire, Zoosk company launched an app that connects you with your match on an online web portal. It facilitates the conversation through the web browser or app. To find the perfect partner Zoosk facilitates the friendly steps to connect with the person of your choice.

Only you need to sign-up the account with necessary personal information required for the login credentials, uploading profile photos, personal details to make you highlight in the searching option, and other photos as well. The app helps in searching, chatting, and texting with the security and privacy norms.

How to Delete Zoosk Account on the app – 

If you are using the Zoosk dating app on the app and willing to delete your profile now, so you are at the right place to get detail about how to delete Zoosk Account on app

  1. To delete the account permanently on your app, at first to the Accounts setting of the Zoosk
  2. Now go to the three parallel lines on the top left corner of the home page.
  3. Now select the Settings option by click on the gear icon.
  4. Once you click on the settings, a drop-down menu with multiple options opens. Choose the Account option.
  5. Click on the icon of the pencil to edit the Account status.
  6. Now hit the tab Deactivate; once you click on the option again, the reconfirming tab asking you to deactivate the account.
  7. Again, click on the Deactivate option, and finally, the account deactivated until you don’t want to be active.

Cost of Zoosk on an app –

However, you can use the Zoosk app free of cost, but the free user is exempted from taking full benefit of the online dating app. As the user not paying the subscription amount of $12.49 costs one month and $29.99 cost for six months, they cannot message or have a conversation with the desired person on the app.

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