How to disable pop up blocker

How to disable pop up blocker

How to disable pop up blocker – 

How to disable pop up blocker Using the Chrome browser is now very trending and getting used for personal as well as official use. Chrome introduced an extension pop up blocker to enable or disable the pop-up box as per your convenience and sort out the annoying pop-ups on your windows.

To get the details about how to disable/turn off pop up blocker or in case you want to know where is my pop-up blocker located. Go through the mentioned below instructions and follow the steps.


How to turn off pop up blocker – 

To disable all pop-up blockers, you need to set the recommended as Blocked in your chrome setting.

  • Go to the settings option of chrome by clicking on three dots shown at the above right corner.
  • Now choose Advanced (on the bottom of the page), and the list of more options will appear.
  • Now select Site setting, or you can also find in the search box.
  • Once you redirected to the site setting, click on Pop-ups and redirects.
  • You have to click for the switch on, and it will show you turn off pop up blocker in your chrome.


The option to choose the sites you want to block or allow is also available in the Pop-up blocker. You have to add the sites you want to stop in the Block option and let the URL you want to add in the Allow option.


Pop up blocker in internet explorer

If you are using the internet explorer to search and login to any website, you might face the issue of continue pop up notifications on your window. It is sometimes useful and also sometimes create disturbance in between the workflow.

To get the pop-up blocker in internet explorer or pop up blocker windows 10, read the instructions carefully and follow the same to set the pop-up blocker as per your convenience.

  • Initially, go to the Settings of Internet Explorer browser.
  • Now choose the option Internet, and then go to the Privacy tab.
  • Under the privacy setting, click the switch on to disable the pop-up blocker.
  • In case you want to choose the particular site to block, add the site in the secured option.
  • After completing the above steps, click OK.

You are now ready to set the pop-up blocker on-off by the above steps as per your requirement in internet explorer.

URL pop-ups 

When you search for something on your system, and suddenly you found pop up with the essential information, you can click the URL pop up and open the same in a new tab. It will not puzzle the work, and checking the other website will become simple by opening a new tab.

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