How to disable pop-up in chrome

How to disable pop-up in chrome

How to disable pop-up in chrome

How to disable pop-up in chrome Disabling the pop-ups in chrome sets you free from the unwanted, annoying notification. Different websites might take your permission when you surf on it. It allows the website to send information regarding their advertisement, updates, and any new activity.

If you do not want those pop-ups on your browser and want to know how to remove the pop-up browser, please read the statement mentioned below.

Steps to stop pop-ups in chrome –

  • Go to the chrome browser and choose the three dots (⁝) from the page’s top right corner.
  • Once you click the dot, a drop-down menu will appear; choose the option Settings. Now find the site settings by going through the Advanced options (mentioned at the bottom of the page).
  • Once you open the site settings option, choose the pop-ups and redirected option.
  • It will let you open the page, where you can on or off the switch as required.


After clicking the switch for block, you would be able to disable pop-ups in chrome, Disable pop up blocker.


Turn off pop blocker windows 10 –

To block pop up on chrome windows 10, open chrome> go to settings > choose the site settings > select pop-ups and redirected > refer to page and switch the pop up blocked.

How to Allow pop-ups – 

If you want to get the updates and want to allow pop up blocker on Google Chrome, you need to go through the steps as mentioned earlier of stop pop-ups in chrome and, in the end, switch the tab to allow, and you will be all set to get the buzzer for every update.

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