How to Fix Mac Error 36 

How to Fix Mac Error 36 

How to Fix Mac Error 36 

How to fix Mac Error 36, Mac Error 36, founded at the time transferring the file from Mac to another drive or windows file format, in the case file location couldn’t read or write the data, and the operation fails before completion of the process. This error 36 took place mainly when you want to copy your images from Mac to any other hard drive or memory card.

Mac Error 36 might disturb you in between workflow, but at the same time, awareness about how to fix mac error 36 can take you out from hurdle in no time. It can rectify from your Mac, with several methods that allow files to transfer from one device to another with no stops or any error.


Methods: – 

A. Fix mac error 36 by updating your macOS –

  1. Updating your operating system can fix your issue of the Photo library.
  2. Go to the app store of your OS.
  3. Choose Updates, find the updated version of macOS.

Now click on Update.Once updation completed, you can easily copy photos from your Mac to another drive or windows file format. In case the error is still founded after the Update, there might be a chance of another issue, try another method to fix mac error 36.


B.  by running disk repair- 

Most of the time, the corruption of the Photo library file/ folder causes error 36 in your macOS. In the disk utility, you can find the function First Aid to find and fix the problem.

How to Fix Mac Error 36

  1. At first, go to Disk utility.
  2. Now find view and then click on show all devices.
  3. Find Photo Library volume and then hit the tab First Aid.
  4. Disk utility helps in finding out the disk/ volume issue and solution after the verification.                                                                                                                           The help of the Photo library repair tool – 

The Photo Library repair tool helps find the library issue, if any, and fix it out. It helps in solving the problem when the photo library faces any incautious hurdle. The photo library tool only works with the updated version of your OS, so make sure to upgrade the macOS before working on the photo library tool.

  1. At first, leave the photos application on your OS.
  2. Now press the Option-Command key, and then you need to bring your photos in the application folder.
  3. Now click on Repair under the Repair Library window.

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