How to fix pop up blocker chrome

How to fix pop up blocker chrome

How to fix pop up blocker chrome

How to fix pop up blocker chrome -free is working as software or application, which enabled blocking in chrome for the unwanted notifications of advertisements, news, and updates. Working on the google chrome is quite comfortable for you, and sometimes working might hamper due to the pop-ups displayed on the screen with the unwanted, annoying notifications. You can easily come out with the crunch of an enormous dialogue box on your screen by setting in your chrome.

If you are eager to know how to fix a pop-up blocker chrome and enable pop up blocker chrome, you should go to the following instructions described stepwise.

To fix the pop-up blocker on chrome, there might be two cases; either you want to enable or disable the pop-up opening on the page.


Enable pop up blocker chrome –


  • Go to the home page of the Google chrome at first.
  • You need to click on the three dots (shown at the right top corner of the page).
  • Once you click on the dot, choose the Settings from the open drop-down menu.

How to fix pop up blocker chrome


  • Click on the Privacy and Security option and then choose Site Setting under the option.How to fix pop up blocker chrome
  • Find the Pop-ups under the setting. You can also type the pop under the search option to reach the option easily.

  • Once you redirected to Pop-ups, only you need to switch on the tap present on the top of the upsetting pop page.

How to fix pop up blocker chrome

Once you follow all steps described above, you would set up a pop-up blocker on google chrome, and now you can work or search on your page with no interruption.


Disable pop up blocker chrome –


Google Chrome web browser is the platform where you can easily find out the solution to issues. Sometimes you also want to get the notifications of your work or anything you want to get updated about with the time. So the chrome enables you with the notification on the page to get aware of all updates you want in pop up blocker chrome free. It is easy for chrome to inform you about various daily news, offers, and other information. You need to turn off the chrome blocker pop up from the settings in chrome.


Follow the given below steps and disable pop up blocker chrome in your system-


  1. To turn off the chrome blocker pop up, go to the menu of Google Chrome at first, represented at the top right corner of the page in three dots icon.
  2. Once you click on the dots, you will see the opened drop-down menu.
  3. Now choose the option Settings and click on it.
  4. After redirecting to the settings page, you need to choose Advanced options by scrolling down at the bottom of the page (Advanced ˅).
  5. After click on the advanced, find the Site setting under the Privacy and security. 
  6. Click on the option Pop-ups and redirectsand turn the switch off.

Once you follow the steps, you would be able to notify with the pop-ups on your chrome page, and it will finally leave you with turn off chrome pop up blocker on your device.

Chrome pop up blocker download –

Chrome provides pop up blocker chrome free for its users, and it is an extension added at the time of installation of chrome in your device. Pop-up blocker extension sets you free enable or disable the pop blocker chrome according to your choice.

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