How to recover deleted Facebook Account

 How to contact Facebook help support

How to recover deleted Facebook Account

How to recover deleted Facebook Account

Facebook is a social networking site, with the motive of connecting the number of people on one platform like friends, families, and other people using the facebook account worldwide. In recent times, it is most likely to involve children, adults, and even old age people to spend their free time on Facebook. Due to quite addictive features or personal reasons, sometimes people delete their accounts for a little time.  In case you have deleted your account and wish to recover it in the future, here are the detailed guidelines to quickly retrieve a deleted Facebook account.

How to recover deleted Facebook Account

How Can I recover my old Facebook Account –

 You can easily start your deleted facebook account from the following guidance mentioned below –

  1. At first, you should go to the official website of Facebook –

How to recover deleted Facebook Account

  1. Now you are suggested to enter your old email address/phone number and password in the given box login box.

How to recover deleted Facebook Account

  1. After filling up the id & password, you must click on the login button and sign in to your deleted account.

Once you click on the login, your Facebook account will get restore quickly to access as before. But in case the account is deleted completely, you cannot fix it ever. In such cases, you can create a new account to take the benefits of Facebook.


How to find deleted Facebook message history

It is essential to know for the Facebook user that you cannot restore the messages or conversation history deleted from your Facebook messenger. Once a message is deleted, it removes permanently from your inbox. In case you need it, keep in mind that the notice deleted from your messenger couldn’t delete from your friend’s message box.

You can save your messages as archived before deleting it permanently to restore in the future quickly.

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