how to stop chrome pop ups

how to stop chrome pop ups

How to stop chrome pop up

how to stop chrome pop ups

How to stop chrome pop up Software, designed to block the pop-ups on windows, which has forwarded through the websites opened by you, is a pop-up blocker. Relatively it also allows you to send the notifications on your page. These pop-ups can be in the form of ads, updates related to news offers, etc.

If the pop-ups providing the information according to your convenience, it’s best to keep it continue. But in the case you found the frequent pop up on your page just annoying in surfing the websites, then the question must be aroused in mind that how to block pop-ups on Google Chrome or any browser defaulted in your window.

How to Stop chrome pop-ups – 

Users of the Chrome browser are suggested to follow the steps given below. It will let you know how to turn off pop up blocker:-

  1. At first, open the chrome browser on your system.
  2. Once you open the browser, go to the Settings 
  3. In the settings, you should find the advanced option provided at the bottom of the page.
  4. After click on it, go to the Site Settings.
  5. In the site setting, find the Pop-ups & redirected option and click on it.
  6. You can see the switch off or on in the front of Blocked/Allowed (recommendation).
  7. Turn the switch block to disable pop-ups chrome.

Once you turn off the pop-up chrome, notifications related to any annoying message will permanently disable the pop-up.

How do I disable pop-up blockers chrome – 

If you are using an updated version of windows and want to disable pop up blocker chrome windows 10. You can easily disable the pop-up blocker by allowing the pop-up blocker to send a notification.

Go to the Settings option on your chrome> now choose the option Site settings (either going through advanced option or can type in the search box)> now click the Pop-ups & redirected> disable the pop-up blocker switch.

You can also choose the website or notification according to your choice by adding or blocking the particular site in the pop-up & redirected option. And this is all about how to allow pop-ups or how to turn off pop up blocker.

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